Solve Your House Internet Problems With Amazon’s Eero 6

We are all trapped at home and sharing broadband for the foreseeable future, with no end in sight, and our Internet setups need help. You can think of mesh routers as a solution to power your home with Wi-Fi and make sure every Zoom meeting, online course and virtual practice session goes smoothly.

Amazon recently updated its Mesh lineup with the Eero 6, and it’s a compelling offering at its price, provided you don’t need full Gigabit speeds. It has a user-friendly mobile app and built-in smart home support by Alexa, too, and its compatibility with Wi-Fi 6 can help direct all the blocked Internet traffic that amplifies the hassle at home.

The Eero 6 is very similar to its predecessor. It has the same angular Design, thus standing out from the current sea of circular mesh routers that overflow the market. But don’t expect anything to fit into the backdrop—especially not with the huge Eero Logo that stands on top. No matter where you put The Eero, it is obvious that there is a device under the jewelry in the library. At least you can turn off the Status light to attract attention.

The Eero 6 is compatible with 802.11 ax, the technical name of Wi-Fi 6. the recent generation of WiFi is still in the Buzzword phase, but once more widespread, it allows faster Internet speeds—think streaming 8K video-and more bitrate, which is essential to manage dozens of devices on the same network. It’s a good idea to start planning the eventual entry of Wi-Fi 6 into the market by selecting products that support it.

The Eero 6 is dual band that offers both 2.4 ghz and 5ghz for devices to jump on. Many high-end Wi-Fi 6 mesh routers use Tri-band configurations, with the extra band picking up traffic between 5GHz devices and keeping those speeds consistent even when others connect. Wi-Fi 6 also allows more devices to access the network at the same time, and while the Eero 6 can do this, it happens at fluctuating speeds.

You can buy The Eero 6 as a single device for connecting to your Modem or as a pack of three with two Wi-Fi extensions. An Eero 6 unit covers up to 1,500 square meters and supports broadband speeds of up to 900 Mbit / s.If you choose the three-pack, Amazon reduces its estimates to speeds of 500 Mbit / s. From what I noticed during testing, the advertised speeds are in the ball park, so you can safely choose your configuration based on Amazon’s figures.

The Eero 6 also includes a Zigbee radio that allows you to connect Smart Locks and smart Bulbs directly through Alexa without a dedicated Hub, as well as support for devices connected to Threads. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any smart Gadgets available to test this feature, so I can’t talk to The Eero 6 as a Smart Home Hub. Unlike Nest Wifi, where a microphone is built into the mesh node to call The Google Assistant, The Eero 6 is not a smart speaker, and linking your Amazon account is optional, provided you don’t buy it through Amazon. If it’s the free shipping you’re looking for with Prime, treat yourself to the Eero 6 to bypass your account link.

I was stunned to see that the extenders do not offer their own Ethernet sockets, meaning there is no fixed wiring of game consoles, streaming set-top boxes, or computers far from the main router. If you need fixed wiring in other parts of the house, the Eero 6 is not an Option.

Setting up the Eero 6 is quick and easy. Connect the Eero 6 main unit to the Modem using the included Ethernet cable, then to a socket with the included USB-C cable, and The Eero app (also for iOS) will do the rest. I called the network, chose a password, and then added an extender at the top of the bedroom and the back of the dining room. It took about 30 minutes for everything to work.

During integration, you are prompted to sign up for Eero Secure or Eero Secure plus. Eero Secure costs per month and includes ad blockers, parental control filters, and scans to detect browbeat. You will always have access to device profiles and the ability to plan your Internet usage, whether you log in or not. Eero Secure plus is per month and includes everything, plus Subscriptions to 1Password, VPN per, and Anti-Virus via Malwarebytes.

You will receive a 30-day free trial for both plans before committing. If you’re new to this Suite of Internet privacy apps, Eero Secure + is a user-friendly way to get you started. The price is worth it for 1Password, which already costs for a business account that covers an entire household and for which I should have signed up a long time ago. But it should be noted that Encrypt.Me the VPN service has only so-so reviews, with most brands against its strange logging practices-strange considering the meaning of a VPN is to have anonymity. However, you can also use the VPN to connect to Netflix in other countries and see its content. MalwareBytes is a little better in the scoring department. Overall, Eero Secure + is an easy way to save money on individual memberships if you’re not yet married to a specific VPN or Password Vault.

I have not implemented any of the additional services provided by Eero Secure plus, although I have tested the security and privacy features. You can see how many times Eero 6 has identified and Blocked browbeat from the activity tab of the mobile app. I found it telling to see how many times the Eero 6 scanned something shameful. In one matter, Eero 6 identified a phishing attempt via SMS that had reached my phone. Or at least I believe it. There are no real details about the browbeat identified by the Eero 6, so although there is a data graph to illustrate the constant browbeat on your Internet, there is little information about what it is.

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