Features and Specifications : Xiaomi Mi Band 6

Portable devices become very interesting over time. Although development is slow in this niche of technology, time has proven that smart watches and smart fitness bracelets have been significantly improved not only in terms of hardware specifications, but also in terms of software and price. The Xiaomi Mi Band series is a part of it. It’s not a year since the last one came out and a new one came out. Mi Band 5 was launched in June 2020, and now Xiaomi has launched Mi Band 6 with some improvements.

What’s new in Mi Band 6?

Mi Band 5 had a smaller screen than the last Mi Band 6. In Mi Band 5, Xiaomi used a 1.1-inch screen with a touch button at the bottom. However, the company has removed the button to make room for more ad. Now Mi Band 6 comes with a 1.56 inch Amoled panel 50% larger. The new display also comes with 326PPI and a dual resolution of 126 x 294px by 52 x 486px.

With a larger screen, users also get tempered glass, an anti-fingerprint coating for added protection. The larger display of Mi Band 6 allows users to see more content on the screen than before. In previous groups, you could only see one app at a time, and now you see two apps with each scrolling.

There is a new SpO2 function that allows you to measure the oxygen in the blood. In addition, Xiaomi has also added a new measurement of breath quality and better sleep monitoring. You can also stay in the water up to 50 meters deep for 10 minutes.

Training modes have been increased to 30 in Mi Band 6, along with features like women’s cycle tracking and PAI. The Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI) feature measures your heart rate and daily activity, delivering over 100 results.

Speaking of battery, since there are many modes and features in the new Mi Band 6, it comes with 14 days of battery life on a single charge, almost similar to its predecessor. Since Mi has introduced a new magnetic charger with Mi Band 5, the new Mi Band 6 will also receive the same charger. It is firmly in grip and holds better than the previous ones.

Mi Band 6 is available in black, yellow, olive, orange and ivory. These are rubber bands that can be replaced with little force, such as Mi Band 4.Speaking of price, the price of Mi Band 6 at launch was set for the non-NFC variant is 229 yuan, which means that the Global price would be set by 50 more or less.

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