Now Spend for Smarter – LG 32MA70HY-P 32-Inch Full HD IPS Monitor

Time has turned and today we classify a 40-inch TV with an HD display as an “economical” product. There were times when this large screen size was considered a value equal to that of a small car, but today its value is not lower than that of an old smartphone. We’ve developed an apparent passion with size, and anything close to 20 inches doesn’t seem to satisfy this. Your choice of monitor for your system will largely depend on the type of use you will have in daily life. Those who seek the passion for photography and videography are usually relaxed about the speed of the systems, but are more concerned about the screen resolution.

On the other hand, players are looking for a super-fast monitor with very fast refresh rates. Some can not be bothered in the first place. However, professionals know how important the speed and screen resolution of a monitor are.

The LG 32ma70hy – P 32 inch Full HD IPS LED Monitor is a productive IPS monitor designed to maximize your workload. The new monitor tends to increase the portfolio of tasks that you can perform with a single monitor. Let’s see how well this big screen works for us!

Screen and monitor technology

Not everyone can find this topic fun, but it is important to see how the monitor technology works. One type of user goes for monitors that best fit their budget and meet their demand for screen size. On the other hand, some can thoroughly check their monitor’s reviews and user experience before completing their purchase. Some almost negligible users make an effort and study the technology that makes these monitors work. We know what snapdragon 845 can do for us. We rarely came across words like twisted Nematic or TN.

This technology, namely TN, was developed in 1960. The method works in such a way that the electric current interferes with the alignment of the liquid crystals and allows the light to pass through or scatter. There are some significant drawbacks associated with the phenomenon, that is, there is a frequent inaccuracy in color reproduction, which can be clearly perceived by the viewer from certain angles.

A much more modern approach is IPS technology, which appeared in 1990 with the desire to recover the disadvantages of TN. IPS monitors have a more accurate color reproduction and allow the viewer to view the screen from a variety of angles without color reversal. However, these monitors have higher costs and a slower response time. The advantage is an approved resolution, so it’s worth changing.


You might not find 32 inches a gigantic size for your TV, but if it’s your desktop, it’s undeniably a great gadget. A 27-inch monitor is what we consider huge today, so 32-inch is a big deal. In short, the specifications of the LG 32ma70hy monitor are as follows:

A weight of 14.3 pounds
The dimensions with the bracket are 28.6 x 19.4 x 8.1 inches
Monochrome Black Rectangular Bezel
Curved black base
A resolution of 1920 x 1080
A response time of 5 ms GTG
250 nits Brightness
Viewing angle of 178/178 degree

The simple black design, which is both minimalist and commendable, allows it to merge with all sorts of backgrounds that you will put it in. It will not burden your electricity bill as it runs at 33 watts in regular use. LG has chosen to install certain ports in this monitor, including the HDMI port, the display port and the D-SUB ports. There are no USB ports, and to the chagrin of the headphone jack is located on the back. The monitor does not look very aesthetic, but most will agree that there is not much about the prospects of the monitors anyway.

A great feature that LG integrates with this monitor is the configurable screen option. LG has named it Screen Split 2.0. The feature allows you to create multiple monitors on one screen, improving your productivity and user experience. However, there is a chance that many will find this option hard to grab before they can start using it.

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