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The introduction of mobile gaming was the only thing that made the game accessible not only to children and teenagers, but also to middle-aged people and the elderly.

Everyone everywhere started tapping on their phones; running in front of Zombies, matching candy colors and running to collect hidden treasures deep in the niches of a temple ruins.

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Despite the explosion of mobile games, many old-school gamers still preferred PC or console games over games on a Smartphone. These experienced players had a lot to say about this relatively new technology. While some were open to playing both ways, some loyal PC gamers have completely avoided all mobile games. A big reason for this Mobile gaming dismissal also included The gaming app and online gaming debate-but that’s an Argument for another day.

Children are not the only ones who love to play

Contrary to what you might think, gaming – whether on a console or a mobile phone – is not just dominated by teenagers. In fact, a large percentage of today’s players are seniors who have retired from work and are still looking for ways to help them get through the hours in a fun way.

The normal player spends more than 6 hours each week playing different video games. For younger players, this statistic often increases up to 8 or even 12 hours per week. When a player starts a video game, their average gaming session lasts even an hour and twenty minutes! That’s a huge number if you think about it! Most of our elders would even consider it unhealthy. Fortunately, playing video games is not as peril to your health as we have been told.


Every gaming enthusiast must know these many-and often surprising-advantages to enter the world of gaming in order to justify the long hours he devotes to it every day. These countless benefits of playing video games in moderate amounts are just a few of the reasons why online games are getting bigger and bigger every second.

Surprising benefits of playing video games

You can’t believe it when I say that in some matter video games have helped people overcome dyslexia. However, we did not imagine this ourselves, but we were supported by many academic studies. Not only that, it brings better leadership qualities to the younger generation and sparks interest in historical origins, as many video games incorporate historical characters and locations into their content.

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Video games should also significantly improve hand-eye coordination. Not only does it help you in your daily life by making you less clumsy, but it can also improve you in a profession you will choose in the future. For example, a surgeon or hunter requires a firm hand and excellent control. This can be learned by playing video games.

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One study showed an improvement in the cognitive abilities of people 50 years and older who played video games for 10 days. Another study showed that subjects who played video games for more than 10 Weeks showed improvement in vision problems or that these subjects could better distinguish the different shades of a particular color. Most importantly, the game causes an analgesic reaction (pain relief) in our upper cortical systems.

Now that we’ve looked at the benefits and importance of video games, we’re looking at one of the biggest game service providers you can find online today – the Unlimited Gamezone, to be precise.

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