Crafted with excellence -Mi Band 4 Fitness Band

Maybe I would have ruined the review titled, but let’s go to the review to find out why this is the best low budget fitness group and why you should go.

From the first Mi Band to the fourth generation, Xiaomi has come a long way. After using mi Band 2 and Mi Band 3, I was not very interested in getting the last one. But the Amoled color display of Mi Band 4 changed my mind. The previous Mi bands were simply boring, with a monochrome display, which made them less attractive. This time, Mi Band 4 had an attractive feature, a color display.

After using it for a few weeks, I wanted to give it more time, since I was not sure of its autonomy. So I waited more and tested it. Well, it’s been five months, and I recommend this group if you are looking for a portable gadget on a budget. Let’s see why.

Design and construction

I was not an admirer of Mi Band 3. Black and white display, the tape was easy to remove and the tape fell out easily. A friend of mine lost his Mi Band 3 because he eventually broke up too much and ended up somewhere. However, Xiaomi has improved Mi Band 4 with hard to remove.

Speaking of removing the group, I had difficulty removing it, then I got used to it. A little strength, and you can remove it. The strap itself is soft and easy to put on. It is comfortable around the wrist, but the crunch can leave an impact, which is obvious.

The straps are available in different colors in Xiaomi stores, as well as in third-party manufacturers. You can also change the “face of the group” and make it the way you want. You can also use custom images as a band face in Mi Band 4.

Amoled Display

The display of Mi Band 4 makes it attractive. It is bright, and the outside view is better than the previous ones, and also beats other expensive competitors.

The colorful Amoled display comes with a touch screen and a capacitive home button that allows you to navigate through the interface.

The most exciting part of the display is that you are no longer stuck with the standard band surfaces, unlike other smart fitness bands. Xiaomi finally adds many stripe faces that you can choose from The Mi Fit app. But I don’t find these group faces as exciting as I expected. I still like the standard because they are well designed. But you can also use custom images, such as your photo or a scene.

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