Thin And Slim Phone Review – Alienware M15

If you even play a little of the affected year, have computers or laptops in general, you must have heard of alienware. Dell’s gamer-oriented notebook line has been on the rise for some of the laptops.

My first experience with a real laptop was with an alienware. These large, bulky laptops are built like a tank and offer performance like very few other brands. This performance is every victim, this victim is portability.

Anyone who uses an alienware or has owned areas can report that carrying one of them is like carrying a ton of bricks. But not anymore. Alienware has developed its finest line of laptops to date, and they are elegant and fairly portable.

That’s changing for the company, which is met for its bulky but rugged gaming laptops. In my opinion, we could have seen this from a distance of one kilometer. If all laptop manufacturers are looking for thin profiles, Dell thought that you need to do the same with Alienware.

At just 2.16 kg, the M15 is the company’s lightest 15-inch laptop. Dell knows him the ” world champion of lightweights.”That sounds really sweet because it is. But despite this seemingly light, it remains heavier than a razor blade 15.

Quality of construction

With Alienware, you can get two things: high performance and excellent build quality. The M15 is no exception. Despite Sene’s thin profile, the M15 is built like a tank, a small but different tank.

The overall metal body makes it extremely premium and smooth. This gives no indication of these hideous inexpensive plastics-laptops. Alien’s pretty little face is still there, which is one of my favorite things year alienware.

That makes it really unique and gives dm laptop and has its own personality. It is available in the typical silver color that we all see her in the video, and in a new red finish. The red finish just looks out of this world. It looks like we walked a piece of a Ferrari.

Many of my colleagues who have raised their alienware that it has not even acquired a scratch.


The M15 does not have a 4K display, but the man is pretty, bright and lively. The colors look to come out of the screen and places before our eyes. The joyful feeling of looking at such a beautiful screen is difficult to describe. You have to look for yourself to really enjoy the experience.

The refresh rate is also one of the best things about this screen. 144 Hz is a great refresh rate for any hardcore player who can take advantage of the graphic potential of the laptop. Unfortunately, it is available only on the more expensive models.

It is also very bright, with a continuous solidarity of 284 cd / sqm.

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