Quality at the Best Prices -Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro

Mi 8 Pro was launched last week in the UK (8-11-18) with the company’s fitness group, Xiaomi band 3 and the Mi electric scooter. We were especially rooted for Mi 8 Pro, to be honest. It is the recent flagship of the Chinese manufacturer and looks promising to many.

Let’s see what Mi 8 Pro has in store for us!

Design and Display

The Mi 8 Pro has a 6.2-inch OLED panel that looks surprisingly vibrant. It has a notched screen at the front. Although its overall design borrows a lot from the features of the iPhone XS, the phone still looks and feels different.

The phone has a transparent back; you thought it was the designed protective sticker on the back of the phone? Well, the company is experimenting with the design of its flagship phone. You can see all the small transistors on the back (they are so perfectly and detailed sketched that it looks like they are the actual inner parts we can see). If the idea in your head does not seem good to you, I suggest that you consider it first. The ingenuity of the showmatter of the internal assembly on the back would just make you gaga on it ,without exaggeration (okay, it’s very unlikely that you will not like it). The components on the back are also labeled and, to our surprise, “sincerity, passion” is written on one of them. The phone has a protection Gorilla Glass 5, so you do not have to worry about it falling off. But, of course, we still recommend that you use the transparent protective matter that comes with the phone.

If you want to go through the looks, expect the phone to be a little heavy. If the technical parts of something are visible, it is natural to assume that it will be hard. But surprise surprise, the phone is not difficult at all. It weighs only 177 g, which does not seem to be a burden on the hands.

In addition, the phone has thin glasses with an aspect ratio of 18.7:9. It is super smooth with a thickness of 7.6 mm.


For the back we have an ultra-light sensitive AI camera, dual 12 + 12MP rear lens, while the front is only a 20MP lens. Your group selfies have improved without anyone arguing about who would take the selfie; the phone has a group selfie mode that takes cool selfies.

The highly sensitive AI camera automatically configures the camera settings to give you a fantastic photo. To complete it, the second lens is equipped with the bokeh effect, which gives that edgy blur effect in those drooling Insta-posts you last saw.

And don’t even throw me on its video quality; it offers 2x optical zoom with four axis OIS. If you like cool slow mos, the full HD of Mi 8 Pro with 240 frames per second is a bargain.

Even if you can’t take photos, the switch option can help you take amazing photos by enhancing the subject. You also have the option to manually control the mode by setting the aperture, shutter speed and color balance. So it’s safe to say that the camera has something for every type of person.

But the photos in muted lights are a big disappointment. In low light, not only does the image quality decrease, but the hue is also severely affected. If you compare it with one of the Google Pixel phones, Pixel Rules. Pixel phones are known for taking a good picture in low light.

Xiaomi has kept the price of this phone reasonable, although the phone offers such a competitive camera as OnePlus 6T.

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